How to Install A Custom Paver Patio

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Plan and dig

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Figure out how large you’d like your paver patio to be, choose your material, and decide on a pattern. Mark the size and begin to dig out the area.


Tamp the dirt

Once the dirt has been removed, rake the area eyeballing as close to level as possible. Take the tamper tool and compact the dirt making sure there isn’t any loose soil.

Add the paver base

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Your surface should look like compacted dirt at this point. Next, add multiple bags of paver base until the area is completely covered.

Tamp the paver base

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Using the tamper tool, compact the paver base. This step is super important if you want an even and level patio that will withstand the test of time.

Add the paver sand and level

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Add multiple bags of paver sand, raking it out as you go. You’ll want to add as many bags as it takes for the surface to be level.

Begin laying the pavers

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Begin laying the pavers in your desired pattern, using a level to ensure accuracy as you go. Repeat the pattern until you’ve filled the entire area.

Compact the pavers

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Run the compactor over the pavers, vibrating the material flat and level. To lessen the chance of cracking, adding consistent space between each paver during installation helps.

Add the polymeric sand

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Dump the sand directly onto the pavers, brush into the cracks with a broom, remove ALL excess sand, then wet the entire surface to set the pavers.

What do you guys think? Are you going to give this a try or would you hire it out? If you already have a paver patio, do you love using it?