How to Hang Artwork in Front of Curtains

How do you hang artwork in front of curtains? If you love the layered work of art perfectly floating above soft & textural drapery panels, this post is for you.

Find the center

Setup Your Workspace


We began by finding the center with our laser level, and mapping out the exact preferred artwork placement.


Screw a picture hanger

Next, we screwed in a sawtooth picture hanger directly onto the back of the artwork.

Calculate depth

Setup Your Workspace


Next, we calculated the projection or depth… how far in front of the wall & drapery panels we wanted the art to rest.


Mock up blocks

We mocked up the blocks onto the strip of wood. These will be inset, to give the floating appearance…


Screw the blocks

The blocks get screwed into the wall first. Mark your screw points prior to drilling for perfect alignment…


Set drywall anchors

You’ll set the drywall anchors. These are especially important for installing heavy, oversized, or custom framed pieces of art.


Secure strip of wood

Next, secure the strip of wood onto the blocks, making sure your measurements are aligned and accurate.


Add nail

Add a nail to the strip, then you’re ready to hang your art! Keep in mind, it will be a bit wobbly, but we’ll address that in the next step.

I hope this artwork installation tutorial was helpful! I’ve always been a fan of the layered look.