How to Choose a Clip On Sconce or Chandelier Shade

As I’ve been transitioning our home from holiday to winter, I’ve been making cozy adjustments here and there. One thing that came to mind was adding shades to my office chandelier.

How Do Clip On Shades Work?

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They’re secure, they’re easy to install (it takes about 5 seconds), and they’re surprisingly affordable- making them ideal for versatility, seasonal swaps, and upgrading fixtures.


Determine Your Bulb & Shade Size

First, take a peek at your bulb size and shape. Clip on shades are designed specifically for candelabra bulbs in a couple different sizes.

Clip On Shade  Styles

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Like regular lamp shades, there are many styles. Clip ons usually fit smaller fixtures though. It’s fun to play since they’re easy to “try on”…

Consider Your Aesthetic

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Find options that complement your home, the vignette you’re styling, and consider the fixture you’re working with.

I hope you enjoyed this one! Let me know if you have any lighting or shade questions. I hope everyone is having a good week.