How to Build a Decorative Pedestal

Read on for a complete tutorial, a look behind-the-scenes at the process, plus a roundup of some ready-made pedestals if you’re in more of an “add-to-cart” mood.

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Faux Fur Material

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Build the Base

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The process started with building a base pedestal that would eventually have a top & sides added.


Finish Trim

To assemble, we clamped, glued, and nailed the pine to the particle board base. We then glued & nailed a square piece of 2 x 12 to the top to complete the pedestal construction.

Fill, Sand, & Paint

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I then filled the mitered corners and nail holes. After sanding it smooth and caulking the corners, the pedestal was prepped for primer & paint.

The Finished Look

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All that was left to do was move the pedestal to my office & style it! I photographed it with a terracotta vase I found at HomeGoods.

I hope you enjoyed this project tutorial, and I hope you’ll let me know if you try it! What do you think? Would you style a pedestal in your home?