Hiding Cords for Wall Sconces & Picture Lights


If we’re installing wall sconces or picture lights, we will always hide the cord with a cover. Click through for a quick tutorial- this makes all the difference and it takes less than five minutes!

Cord Cover Kit

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This is nice because it only requires basic scissors to cut & install- plus, it’s paintable. I like to paint it the same color as the wall.


Use Laser Level

Our color blocked walls would make a crooked cord cover look very obvious, so a level was extra necessary in this room.

Measure and mark

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Measure and mark the cord cover to your desired length, then use scissors to cut it.

Use elbows & joints

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Use the elbows & joints to add more pieces if necessary. Then you’ll push the cord into the cover until it’s totally concealed.


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The last step is painting the cord cover. Again- I prefer to paint it the same color as the wall, but if you like a little contrast- it’s totally fine to leave it as is.

Those work great for floor lamps, desks (desktop computers), and other “floating” fixtures & tech that require being plugged in. I hope this was helpful.