Designer Trick : Selecting the Right Rug

There are multiple things to consider when choosing the scale of a rug… what size is the room, what does the floor plan look like, what are the traffic paths throughout the space, etc.


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Being realistic about how the space is used will help you hone in on the appropriate material. For example, a rug in a high traffic space should be extra durable.



Once you have a good understanding of how the rug will be used in your home, you can begin to narrow down the appropriate material.


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Use stylistic elements to your advantage while keeping contrast in mind. If your furniture or drapery is bold or patterned, maybe a neutral or solid rug would look best.


Setup Your Workspace


First, measure your room or the area where you’ll be installing a rug. Next, write down a minimum and maximum ideal rug size.

I hope sharing this info was helpful! Please let me know if you have any rug questions.