Cabinetry Hardware Placement Guide

Cabinetry hardware is often an afterthought while renovating, until it’s crunch time and things are wrapping up. Click through for my best tips, guidelines, and easy examples!

4 Quick Design Tips & Hardware Guidelines

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- Mix Hardware Types - Keep the Finish Consistent - Consider Functionality - Appliances Should Have a Specialty Pull


Knobs or Pulls?

Knobs or pulls is really a personal preference! I’d say my aesthetic leans more traditional, so I prefer knobs on doors and pulls OR knobs on drawers.

Appliance Pulls

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Make sure to choose the same finish as your other cabinetry hardware, take scale into consideration, and make sure the placement is functional for easy use.

Placement Examples

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I quickly sketched a kitchen vignette and wanted to show you five different looks using different hardware combinations.


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One of my biggest tips is to choose hardware that is appropriate for the scale of your cabinet drawer or door.

Knob & Pull Placement for Installation

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Functionality will look a little different for everyone and there are many contradicting opinions on hardware placement.

I hope this post shared some valuable info, and made hardware placement a bit easier to understand!