A Fire Pit Makeover


As I pulled our patio together this spring, I decided to fix the fire pit once and for all! If you’re interested to see how you can easily makeover any fire pit, this post is for you.


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In an effort to make this last for awhile and to eliminate the deeper etchings, I decided to give the fire pit a really good sanding prior to painting it.


Wipe it clean

Before painting, you’ll want to wipe the surface really well, removing any debris or residue from sanding.

Mask it off

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I carefully masked off the electrical and gas components.. the center portion, as well as the control panel and knobs. Once everything is masked off- you’re ready to paint!

Spray paint

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I used Krylon’s High Heat spray paint in flat black. This paint withstands very high temperatures (up to 600° F) and protects against rust.


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I did remove the volcanic rock, so I could hit the inside with a fresh coat of paint. I also scrubbed it really well!

We’ve spent hours around this fire pit and I’m looking forward to making more memories this year.