A Brass Chiavari Chair Upholstery Makeover


If you’re new around here- this is a favorite outdoor makeover we tackled for our friends & neighbors last spring. I appreciate you letting me take a blog break and a fun trip down memory lane.

If you’re hunting for an easy or beginner sewing project this winter- or for your holiday decor… this cozy faux fur lumbar pillow is one to save and try!

My Decor Items...

Faux Fur Material

...and more.

Select a Chair

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Like I mentioned, I had been searching for a brass Chiavari chair for some time and had a few local listings saved on marketplace.


Remove the Seat

I used a drill to remove the screw, but you could also just use a screw driver and some elbow grease.

Remove Old Fabric

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The staples holding the striped fabric were easy to remove with some needle nose pliers.

Staple & Reattach the Seat

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After a quick vacuum and spot clean, I simply laid my fabric face down and centered the seat (also face down) on top of it.

I hope this post provided helpful information if you decide to tackle an upholstery project in the future.