10 Ways to Be a Bad Interior Design Client


Having been in the design industry for many years, I thought it may be helpful to list out some common pet peeves designers often run into with their clients.

Being Unaware or Unrealistic About Your Budget

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Share with your designer what you expect to spend, your goals for your project, and they can assist in determining what you can get with the budget you have.


Expecting Discounts or “Shopping” Your Designer

Don’t go into a client/designer relationship expecting discounts. The absolute worst thing you can do is to “shop” your designer.

Not Trusting Your Designer

Setup Your Workspace


It’s very important to hire a designer your trust. Lack of trust can ruin projects and working relationships.

Allowing Your Designer to Play Referee

Setup Your Workspace


Don’t expect your designer to play counselor or referee in your relationship, for the sake of your design project.

Not Properly Communicating

Setup Your Workspace


Checking in everyday or even every week isn’t necessary. Be sure to communicate, but trust their process.

I hope this post was helpful! Try to be a good client and cultivate a healthy working relationship with your designer.