10 Ideas for Enhancing Curb Appeal


If you’re looking for ways to enhance your curb appeal, click through for 10 ideas ranging from easy and budget-friendly to more difficult.

Add Window Planter Boxes

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I’m such a fan of window planters because they’re fun to update seasonally and they instantly add charm & character to any home exterior.


Update Exterior Doors

Whether you want to replace them entirely or just give them a fresh coat of paint and new door hardware, updating your exterior doors is a smart investment that also creates better curb appeal.

Style Your Front Porch

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Styling your front porch is an awesome way to improve the look of your home and make it more functional.

Focus on Your Landscaping

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If you already have great landscaping, the key is to maintain it and keep it looking nice or well-kept.

Paint Your Exterior

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I know painting your exterior sounds like a massive chore (and it is), but paint has the power to impact your exterior aesthetic the most.

Do you have any other ideas for enhancing curb appeal? I’m loving tinkering around outside lately, and will gladly add more chores to my list.