Your Favorite Home Items I Shared in 2021

Your Favorite Home Items I Shared in 2021 - roomfortuesday.comEvery December, I enjoy sharing a couple yearly recaps- favorite things from the past year and standouts that can be found throughout our home. In keeping with tradition, today I’m sharing YOUR favorite home items I shared this year, based on your purchases (and boring analytics that Emmett deciphered me, ha). It’s always fun to see what was well-received, popular, and most inspiring over the course of a year… some things are even repeats from last year’s favorite things post. That always makes me feel really good, because that means I’m sharing and selecting classic items that withstand the test of time. I also like knowing some of my favorite things in our home, ended up in yours as well. I’m thrilled that some of these home items are bringing you joy and beauty, too. Click through to see the top 10 home items I shared in 2021… some of them surprised me! Here they are in no particular order… 

#1 // Decorative Beams

Your Favorite Home Items I Shared in 2021 - roomfortuesday.comMost people are surprised to learn that our beams are decorative- not architectural. If you’re new to the blog or are just beginning to follow along- these easily and instantly added character to our living room. You can purchase them along with the decorative brackets for a seamless look.

→  beams and brackets  ←

#2 // Wireless Charging Block

Your Favorite Home Items I Shared in 2021 - roomfortuesday.comThis one was a surprise to me, but I love and use my charging block at my desk every single day, so it really is a good productive find! You also know I love a classic monogram. This was actually a gift to me from my mom! I’m pretty sure one of my gift guides tipped her off a couple years ago.

→  wireless charging block  ←

#3 // Zebra Ottoman

Your Favorite Home Items I Shared in 2021 - roomfortuesday.comOur zebra ottomans were out-of-stock for almost a year, and as soon as they came back- everyone was equally as excited! These edgy ottomans are one of my favorite versatile pieces of furniture in our home. I’m actually thinking about stealing one of them from our living room to style in my upcoming office reveal.

→  zebra ottoman  ←

#4 // Neutral Bamboo Rug

Your Favorite Home Items I Shared in 2021 - roomfortuesday.comAnother new addition to our living room ended up in this year’s favorite things… our neutral bamboo area rug! You can see all of my top picks in this post, but ultimately, I’m thrilled with the one we picked. Almost a year later, and it’s holding up beautifully to our dogs and muddy paws.

→  neutral bamboo rug  ←

#5 // Door Hardware

Your Favorite Home Items I Shared in 2021 - roomfortuesday.comThis will be the door hardware throughout our entire home- once it’s finished and all of the interior doors have been traded out. We also have the matching set for our entryway, if you’re looking for an exterior combination. The shape and finish is so beautiful, and it’s HEAVY hardware- definitely high quality. You can also mix and match finishes, sizes, handle style, etc. There are lots of options!

→  door hardware  ←

#6 // Canopy Bed

Your Favorite Home Items I Shared in 2021 - roomfortuesday.comThe canopy bed in our guest room has been a hit since we installed it. Our house guests always ask about it, and it’s one of the pieces of furniture in our home I’m most messaged about. It also went out-of-stock for a majority of the year, but it’s back now… and it’s actually on sale right now (35% off!). Snag this affordable bed while you can, if you been waiting on it.

→  canopy bed  ←

#7 // Vintage Wood Stool

Your Favorite Home Items I Shared in 2021 - roomfortuesday.comI’m not surprised that my favorite Best of Etsy post I shared this year, had many of you running out to find vintage stools. It’s one of my favorite functional styling accessories in our home! Since it is vintage and one-of-a-kind, I can’t link the exact one, but feel free to check out this post, where I share 20+ vintage alternatives.

→  vintage wood stool  ←

#8 // Fire Pit

Your Favorite Home Items I Shared in 2021 - roomfortuesday.comOur fire pit is a few years old now (in fact, I gave it a makeover this past spring), but so many of you snagged it this year! It’s such an amazing feature to have in the backyard or on your patio. We use this quite often during the spring, summer, and early fall months! It’s gas, is controlled with an easy knob, and can either use a line to a propane tank- or it can be hardwired.

→  fire pit  ←

#9 // Daybed

Your Favorite Home Items I Shared in 2021 - roomfortuesday.comThis one was a major surprise to me! Given how much I complained about my experience with One Kings Lane customer service (ha!), I didn’t expect so many of you to buy the daybed I was after for my office. Obviously if you’ve been keeping up with that space, you know I ended up taking the custom route, but to be fair- it’s a gorgeous looking daybed. I hope those of you who bought it had a more seamless experience. I can’t wait to show you how I styled it in the office reveal in January!

→  daybed  ←

#10 // Woven Shades

Your Favorite Home Items I Shared in 2021 - roomfortuesday.comThese budget friendly, woven roman shades make our living room windows look more custom and a bit more layered alongside our custom drapery. They’re one of my favorite textural window treatments! I’m glad you like them, too. We also used them upstairs in our primary bedroom, so I’m not surprised they made my list two years in a row.

→  woven shades ←

Well, there you have it! It’s always fun to look back and see what everyone liked! Are you surprised by anything? Did you snag any of these items this year? I hope everyone has a wonderful holiday week ahead. I have a busy one wrapping up work, but am looking forward to it. We’re welcoming our house guests mid week, and then we have lots of fun holiday festivities planned. Here’s to hoping for more snow! We’re creeping closer to Christmas. This year really flew by.

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  1. Good morning! I always enjoy an end-of-the-year look back. Although I’ve experienced the frustration of analytics (test scores 😭), I still find them interesting! What’s not to love about classic woven shades, beautiful high-quality door hardware and your timeless canopy bed? I would install any of those in my home in a heartbeat. Your zebra benches are my fave, so that’s no surprise. I’m definitely shocked at the daybed given your awful experience! Maybe this year has just increased folks’ tolerance for poor service? Hmmm. Anyway…I didn’t get my cookies baked this weekend, so kitchen time is on my agenda for real today. A brief, picturesque storm blew in yesterday during our walk, but we only got an already-disappeared scant inch. I think we’re actually expecting rain later this week. Oh well, we’re more of a dreary drizzle town than winter wonderland. Here’s wishing you some wildly productive days, so you’re all ready to relax when your company arrives!💜🎄

    1. I think it’s fun, too! Analytics are not my thing- If I’m being honest… I usually feel defeated by them, so I very rarely look at the numbers (for the sake of my mental health, ha). With that said, I do enjoy when Emmett picks them apart for me and shares interesting tidbits- like what everyone enjoyed, popular posts, best selling home & vintage things, etc. I love my zebra ottomans! They’ve floated all around our house and seem to look good in every room. Animal print is easy like that! I was surprised the daybed made the top 10 given my poor review, but I’m hoping my experience was a fluke and everyone else had a better time getting that gorgeous daybed. I’m seriously slacking on holiday baking (and cooking dinner these days). I can’t wait to finish up work and spend some time in the kitchen whipping up my grandma’s cookies later this week! Laurie Anne is going to make some of her grandma’s recipes that I’m excited to try. Baking with a bestie is always fun! I’m happy to hear you got a little dusting of snow. We have 6+ days in the future forecast with snow on the radar, so I’m hoping it sticks. Maybe you’ll get some from those storms as well? Fingers crossed for you! I hope you’re having a good week, Peggi! xox

  2. Very interesting! I had to go back and read the home items for 2020 because I just couldn’t understand how your kitchen wasn’t included. It’s still my favorite right next to your living room! Your beams, zebra & wooden stool are favorites of mine as well. Cannot wait to see the custom daybed styled in your office. Hurry 2022!
    Hope you & Emmett have a wonderful Christmas with guests and the pups. Merry Christmas Gibsons!

    1. The kitchen will always be my favorite too, Danna! :) I’m going to try to finish styling the built-ins in my office over the holiday (if I have time)… I need to thrift some more books. I think I underestimated the amount of space I have to fill. Hah! It’s a good problem to have. I hope you and your family have a Merry Christmas and make lots of amazing memories together! Enjoy!! xox

  3. I really enjoy your blog. Could you tell me where the light grey/blue blanket/quilt on the bed is from. It has great texture. Thak you

  4. Linda K Parreco says:

    I’ve been reading and thoroughly enjoying your blog for several months–I love your style, your excellent design eye, and your engaging posts. With my Christmas shopping complete, I ordered a few Tuesday Made lovelies for myself last week. My box of goodies arrived yesterday (jeez, that was fast!!). And–the best part of the beautifully packed box was the lovely handwritten note from you! Not one line, but a whole.damn.note. Who does that?? You do, of course! But, can I say that note made everything in that box more special. Keep up the wonderful work that you are doing—best wishes to you and your family for a wonderful Christmas.

    1. Thank you so much for taking the time to comment and share, Linda! I’m thrilled your package made it safely to you. I’m so appreciative of your kind words and support of my small business… it means so much! I’m glad you were able to find some things for yourself this season :) I really enjoy writing those notes… I’m usually writing while Emmett (my husband) is packing things up. It makes me so happy to know it was a fun surprise. I appreciate those personal touches, and I always hope friends on the receiving end think they’re nice. I hope you and your family also have a Merry Christmas and great New Year ahead! xo

  5. Wild! I love seeing what others loved, as well. I soooo miss our fire pit at our last home-probably one of the few things I miss the most actually. The beams surprised me, just because I feel like others might not have a good a space for them, but just goes to show, who knows what others will be inspired by. The daybed was a little bit more of a shock, given the terrible way they treated you, but you’re right, it IS a gorgeous daybed and I can’t wait to see it in your office reveal. Eek….another reason to look forward to 2022! Have a wonderful week with your guests and so glad you’ll be able to take some time off, Sarah. Merry Christmas!

    1. I always enjoy seeing the end of year posts, and am usually surprised! I’m looking forward to sharing our home office with everyone… now I just need to find time to finish the styling :) I’m still waiting on my desk, but that’s really the last piece of the puzzle in that room. I hope you two have a Merry Christmas!! xox

  6. What is the hardware you used on your navy kitchen cabinets? It looks so beautiful. We are painting our study sea serpant (sherwin williams) and I am looking for hardware. Thanks for the help!