Winter Window Display

I took a long (and not so relaxing) vacation away from the blog during the holidays, but I have lots of exciting and fun posts planned for 2015! I’m really excited to share a couple BIG projects that I’ve been working on the last few months. I’ve also lined up wonderful collaborations with other talented artists this year. So, promise you’ll stick around!

Before the winter season changes and this project becomes irrelevant, I’d like to share a visual merchandise project I worked on before the holidays- a storefront window display. Here’s my first rendering of the project:


I know I don’t share my design work on the blog as often as I should, but this one was super fun! I had the pleasure of working with the lovely ladies at Preen to create a woodland winter landscape for their main retail windows. The copy they requested was also really fun; it’s hand-drawn type I created on my tablet. I created these adorable animals and had them printed and mounted to foam board. Each animal was made to be freestanding so I could create more depth and dimension within the window. Some animals hung from the ceiling, some stood on the floor, while the creatures in the foreground were adhered to the exterior of the window.

The second window rendering looked something like this:


Things always tend to move around a little during the actual installation; here’s how the finished window turned out:


Side note- photographing a window is not an easy task! I apologize for the weird reflections and lack of clarity. The lit window at night looked amazing in person:

Photo cred: my friend, Jacqueline Brown


I’m also excited to announce that I’ve been working with Preen on their upcoming business venture, Preen by Appointment. They’re moving into a new retail location and rebranding. As my favorite local cosmetic and gift boutique, I’m eager to share- I’m designing the entire project! They will even have an e-commerce website, so everyone can purchase they’re products. They seriously curate the best collections. Remember the Tatine in my bath renovation post? It’s all from Preen. I’ll be sure to post bits of the project as they release. Their new space is gorgeous- picture mid-century architecture with modern and chic elements… you probably won’t want to miss it.

I hope everyone had a nice break. Here’s to 2015 and the exciting things it has to offer!

***This post was not sponsored. I simply wanted to share a fun project from my “real job”, as well as support one of my favorite small businesses. 

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