Patio Chair Makeover

I’m excited to share some furniture makeovers and DIY projects. Click through to see the evolution of these patio chairs, how I styled them in our yard, and check out my easy painting process.

Clean the chairs

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I purchased four secondhand, white chairs. While they looked clean and crisp, I really had a more traditional vision in mind. Before getting started, I wiped them down and cleaned them really well.


Spray the gold details

Gold and brass spray paint is difficult to source because there are a lot of bad color options on the market. I tested a few before landing on Krylon’s Metallic Gold Leaf.

Mask off the gilded areas and spray the chair frame black

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I really wanted the body of the chair to look like traditional wrought iron, so I opted for Krylon’s Fusion All-In-One Matte Black.

I’d love to hear your thoughts on this quick, easy, and budget makeover in the comment section below.