Home Tour : Central London Townhouse


One of the easiest ways to upgrade your kitchen or give it an instant facelift is to swap your cabinet doors & drawers. I’m sharing a complete door swap tutorial in today’s post- click through!

Measure for New Doors

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It may seem counterintuitive, but you’ll get the most accurate measurements by measuring the backside of the cabinet door (since it’s perfectly flat).


Remove the Existing Doors & Drawer Fronts

Quick tip: label each cabinet and sketch a quick diagram of which door was installed where (with measurements).

Select & Order Updated Drawers & Doors

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There are plenty of profiles to choose from, different species of wood, and selections to make.

Paint or Stain The New Doors & Face Frame

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Since the doors came pre-primed… I was able to dive right in with the paint.

Install Hinges

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As I previously mentioned, I wouldn’t call hinge boring a beginner DIY because it requires an expensive piece of equipment.

Measure, Mark, and Install the Finished Doors

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Measure, mark, and install the hinges, then snap the doors back into place.

I feel like those two BIG spaces will be super nice once they’re finished. All good things!