15 Tips for Designing a Home That Looks Cohesive


I’ve been adding helpful interior and design related posts to my calendar. Click through for my best interior design tips for curating a home that feels interesting, well designed, and cohesive…

Keep Millwork Consistent

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If you’re updating your home or are planning to renovate, one easy way to create a cohesive look is to choose millwork from the same family.


Repeat Flooring Material, Finish, or Color

It’s ok to mix and match, but choose a common thread to tie materials together: stain color, species, installation pattern, etc.

Make Sure Your Doors Match

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Choose doors from the same family, or if they’re inconsistent, perhaps you could paint them all the same color for cohesion.

Repeat Tile & Stone Choices

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Connecting the dots via material is a great way to be intentional when designing your home!

Rely On Rugs to Create Cohesion

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Rugs can help to define a space when floor planning, but they also help connect each room. I like to stick to 2-3 styles of rugs for a cohesive look.

Duplicate Window Treatments

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All of the wood shades match and are of the same color family. No two rooms are alike, but they feel cohesive since I’m using variations of the same material.

I hope it thoroughly answered some of the questions you submitted and was helpful.