137 Pillars House Chiang Mai


Click through for a gorgeous tour, to peruse my vacation photos, and to flip through a photo journal recap from other snippets of our trip. I hope you enjoy it!

The Property

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It’s well designed, peaceful, accommodating, sustainable, and has won quite a few awards. It’s a lovely place! I’m sad we were only able to spend two days and one night there.



There are only 30 rooms at Pillars House and each one varies slightly. Luckily, since our friends were traveling with us, I was able to see two bedrooms and how they varied in design.

En Suite Bathroom

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There was an indoor and a spacious outdoor shower that connected with a glass door and wraparound corridor… of course it was all totally private and beautiful.

The Pool

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Take a look at the pool! Can you even believe that massive living ivy wall? There is only a handful of pools I’d miss a day of antique shopping for, and this is one of them.

The Bar

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The bar & restaurant at Pillars was also top notch. We did make dinner reservations and very much enjoyed our food, but after two strong cocktails.

I hope you enjoyed a peek into our vacation. I’m always thankful to explore new places, experience new cultures, eat food outside my comfort zone, and meet new people along the way.