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Tuesday Made New Arrivals - roomfortuesday.comSince returning from vacation, the majority of my work hours have been spent at our Tuesday Made office. It has been a busy month at the shop and things are bustling! I feel very lucky to have a job I’m passionate about that allows me to be creative on a daily basis. My favorite part this season has been unboxing and adding new arrivals I’ve curated. There are so many amazing things from makers, creatives, artists, and fellow women-owned small businesses, that have been making me smile lately. Today I wanted to share a short & sweet post with 20 of my favorite new arrivals we just added to the shop. Click through for some fun decor inspiration and to see what I’ve been up to lately… 

Tuesday Made New Arrivals - roomfortuesday.comOne of my favorite collaborations this season has been with my friend from art school, Erin. She is an amazing ceramicist and we dreamed up some exclusive Tuesday Made pieces together. From match strikes to beautiful pedestal bowls that are perfect for dish brushes, my favorite part about owning a shop is highlighting the work from talented people (even better if they’re already friends) and collaborating! Here’s a fun process image Erin texted me…

Tuesday Made New Arrivals - roomfortuesday.comErin and I go back and forth chatting, planning, and sharing images, until we have a gorgeous collection to add to the shop. It’s really so much fun! As I’ve mentioned before, this is usually why we carry lower quantities… because we’re working with small businesses and artists for many of the items found on our site.

Tuesday Made New Arrivals - roomfortuesday.comSo much work, energy, and love goes into our new arrivals… from dreaming, planning, making, styling, and photographing, it’s definitely a process. I hope you enjoyed this little peek or example into the making of collaboration and new arrivals. I’m thankful to have amazing creatives in my corner, and I’m thrilled we’re able to support each other’s businesses. The end result of this example is a gorgeous and unique little pedestal dish- of course I had to keep one for my own kitchen!

Tuesday Made New Arrivals - roomfortuesday.comReady to see some of my personal favorite new arrivals? In July, we had 40+ new products, but for the sake of time- I narrowed it down to 20 for this post. We also have boxes we’ve yet to unpack, so it has felt like Christmas around here lately. I’m certainly not complaining about working long hours lately, because it has been the best kind of fun.

Use the numbered links below the collage to shop- I’m sorry, the products are not clickable in this one…

Tuesday Made New Arrivals - roomfortuesday.com

  1. atlas salt & pepper mills // These European salt & pepper mills are handmade in Greece. We used to only carry the pepper grinders, but now we’re carrying the matching salt mill (they have different inner components because salt corrodes stainless steel- which is why they are specific to salt or pepper). You can snag them as a set and save some money!
  2. gilded convex mirror // We got these new convex mirrors and I immediately installed one in our guest room. They come in a couple different sizes!
  3. acrylic roman tray // These are from another talented female maker! We added a bunch of fun Roman & Greek mythology type of products to the shop. This acrylic catchall features the God of Youth, and is one of my favorites. It’s currently styled on my bedside table.
  4. tortoise light switch cover // I’m not going to lie… I specifically ordered these handmade light switch covers because I wanted to install them in my office renovation. Ha!
  5. french truffle salt // We also started carrying a few food products for the kitchen, and I’ve been putting this French truffle salt on everything. It’s made by chef Nicolas Vahé.
  6. round intaglio soap // Intaglios in the form of soap!?! As soon as I discovered these, I knew I had to grab some for the shop. They come in a couple different sizes and fragrances, and are handmade in Virginia. They’d make a unique gift and also make a nice presentation in a guest bath!
  7. natalie vintage rug // We’ve been adding vintage rugs to the shop each week. I’ve been on a roll finding good ones, but they never last long. The vintage rugs sell so fast because they’re all one of a kind. If you ever see one you love, grab it before someone else does. I get lots of messages asking when a specific rug will be back in stock, but since they’re all unique… one it’s gone, it’s gone for good.
  8. neutral match strike (matches included) // This charming match strike is another piece made by my friend Erin! She made a limited number of these because she is between studios, moving from California back to Indiana (we both attended Indiana University back in the day). Anyway, we only have one or two of these left, and won’t be getting more.
  9. taper candles // You know I love colored candles. We have more colors arriving for the holiday season later this year, but for now- the blue is my favorite… it’s perfect for summer!
  10. glazed pedestal bowl // These stoneware pedestal bowls have such a nice shape, are pretty large, and make a great ramen bowl… at least that’s what I’ve been using them for (aside from styling).
  11. small knotted tassel // Our tassels are always a good idea. I feel like I must have styled a hundred tassels throughout my house. Haha! They’re so easy and special. Check out this post for 30+ ideas for styling tassels!
  12. ruffle edge dish brush set // Do this one look familiar? You can buy the dish individually or as a brush set. These are also selling quickly, and won’t be restocked for awhile.
  13. gray lidded vessel // These lidded vessels are an easy styling object. I currently have one on my coffee table- it’s corralling my small polaroid images.
  14. rosewater oatmeal soap // This is my new favorite soap for the shower. It comes in a fun cube shape, smells incredible, is handmade in Brooklyn, and has been soothing my dry summer skin.
  15. walnut serving board // I snagged one of these walnut serving boards to use as a pizza paddle for Pizza Fridays. It has a lovely curvy handy and beautiful, rich wood color.
  16. snapdragon arrangement // Our everlasting floral arrangements are the most realistic I’ve ever seen. They’re all handmade by floral artists and each stem, bloom, and branch is carefully placed. My current favorite is the snapdragons for summer!
  17. garlic infused olive oil // This is another food item that I’ve been testing in the kitchen. It’s delicious and also makes an easy gift for those who love cooking or entertaining.
  18. oval intaglio bar soap // Did I mention we have larger oval intaglio soaps, too? We do… they come in a couple different colors and fragrances. I’ve got the blue ones in our guest bath.
  19. antique brass footed bowl // These brass footed bowls are actually selling out faster than I anticipated, so I’m hoping I can order more. They have a fun modern shape and a nice antique finish!
  20. jeri vintage rug // Lastly, another stunning vintage rug I just added to the shop. Those muted hues feel very timeless to me.

Tuesday Made New Arrivals - roomfortuesday.comAren’t these intaglio soaps incredible?! I added them to all of our finished bathrooms. They’re truly like tiny pieces of art! The blue goes perfect with our guest bath color palette.

Tuesday Made New Arrivals - roomfortuesday.comI know I say this every time I share a post about our shop, but I’m so appreciative for your encouragement and support! Truly… take it from a small business owner, we’re over the moon for every like, comment, share, kind word, or purchase. Tuesday Made has really been fueling my creativity and design passion lately… it’s where I spend the majority of my time these days- we do a happy dance every time an order rolls in. It’s just Emmett, Jordan (my right hand woman!), and myself grinding over there- one of the three of us packs all of your orders, writes those fun handwritten notes, and we’re so thankful to be doing it. It has been a rewarding summer and we’re planning a lot of great things for the remainder of the year! Be sure to follow along on Instagram or Facebook, if you’re not already… we have some giveaways coming up in August, and I’d love nothing more than for someone in my blog family to win.

Tuesday Made New Arrivals - roomfortuesday.comDoes the above kitchen look familiar? It belongs to my friend, Brooke. I helped her with it a few years ago. Anyway- there are those awesome heavy pedestal bowls (the ones I’ve been eating noodles from, ha). I hope you’re having a good week so far, friends. We’re gearing up to leave for “siblings vacation” this weekend… crazy, given I feel like we JUST got home from vacation (my sister was very convincing), but this is our first ever trip with my siblings, so we’re looking forward to quality time together after years apart… and more diving, of course!

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  1. Phew! So many beautiful items, it’s impossible to keep up! Your collaboration with Erin seems like the perfect sort of synergy. I can imagine how satisfying and energizing that process must be. Lovely work! I’m definitely into all of the Greek snd Roman themed items. I covet the oval soaps with their stunning detail! But that acrylic catchall is bonkers! Total bonkers. Every time I catch a glimpse of that gray lidded vessel, I wonder at its perfect size, shape and color. Simple, yet eye-catching. (and a lid is SO handy!) Much like your glazed pedestal bowl! Clean design and perfectly practical, and the dark glaze is so striking; they appear tailor-made for that cabinet. I’m glad you identified the kitchen in those images. I was wracking my brain trying to determine where those were taken. Ha. (maybe my attention to detail is a tad OTT?) So much thoughtfully-curated, impeccable inventory. And this is only half of the new arrivals? Wow. You truly must be knee-deep in goodness! Time to head to Tuesday Made and check out everything else. Here’s wishing us both some ultra-productive days leading up to our trips!💜👍

    1. The collaborations have been so much fun! That and connecting with really cool people who are making incredible handmade items. The Greek and Roman items are all so beautiful! I want to buy all the pretty things for our shop from Susan (the brains behind that brand). It’s all handmade at her studio in Virginia. I was watering plants for my friend Brooke while she was out of town for a month, and asked if I could use her kitchen to shoot some of our kitchen items. Ha! It’s always nice to have a new backdrop in the mix, and it’s fun to style a different space for a change. Thanks for noticing and for your kind words! Here’s to a productive day before we hop our flights :)

  2. The shop is chalk full of lovely new items!! I’m personally in love with the shape and tone of the walnut serving board-bonus that you can use it as a pizza paddle-I need to get one for our kitchen. I’m excited about the intaglio soaps; they usually have the most amazing scent, and I love the way a round or oval soap looks styled next to a sink. You know I’m digging all the Greek items you’ve been adding to the shop- the salt and pepper mills are gorgeous, the coaster set is making my heart sing, and the catch all tray is the cherry on top. I can’t keep up with all the goodness Sarah!
    I appreciate that shopping with Tuesday Made means I’m supporting multiple small business owners. I also appreciate the time and attention to detail you have put into curating the collection you offer. I wish I could order all the things, haha!
    It sounds like you have had the best kind of busy these past few weeks, and diving with your siblings should be super fun. Sounds like an amazing vacation. Have a wonderful next few days preparing for your trip, and a lovely Wednesday! Xoxo

    1. Thanks Lauren! It has been a fun few months collecting, designing, and curating… and of course packing lots of orders :) I joked with Emmett that work days there always feel like Christmas- between wrapping gifts and unboxing, ha! All of the Greek items have me smitten as well. Such a great point about supporting small businesses. It really does support multiple people. That’s one of the things I’m most proud of when it comes to our shop. Emmett keeps telling me I need to chat more about the important stuff (small business owners, meeting the amazing makers, and sharing more about our packaging- 90% of which is recycled), but I forget and always post about the pretty details and design related things (easy for me to do). You definitely reiterate that those things are equally as important though, so thanks for that reminder. I hope you have another great day in Salt Lake and find some fun ways to stay cool!! Let me know if you try the ice cream. xo

  3. Beautiful Sarah! That light switch plate is like a piece of art, it’s a perfect touch of glam. I can see why you ordered those for the shop, it’s going to be a gorgeous touch for your office 😍
    The ruffled kitchen brush bowl set is so pretty too.
    I cant wait to see the vintage rug you sent to our home in Florida. My neighbor brought it inside the day it arrived and I’m counting the days for our return there. It’s going to be so lovely in that house 🥰 Fingers crossed for October.
    Im so happy to hear about the artists you work with for your shop. Supporting friends and such talented people must be so rewarding. Not to mention getting to create special objects just for Tuesday Made. That’s so fun!
    Have a super awesome day and a vacation with siblings sounds like a blast! Safe travels and enjoy 🥂

    1. Thanks, Colleen! I’m so excited for you to see the rug- it was my favorite one from the batch (you have great taste). Crossing my fingers you make it to FL in October. We’re headed there this weekend to meet my siblings- I’m thankful we get to see them… it has been a few years and hugs are in order! The shop has really been such a bright spot during my day and is bringing me a lot of happiness lately. It’s allowing me to be creative in different ways and connect with the most amazing people- which has been so fun. I hope you’re also having a super awesome week :) xo

  4. Amanda Fowler says:

    I didn’t know you went to IU! I grew up outside of Bloomington (then went to Purdue for Interior Design) and now I’m in Dayton. I don’t know that I’ll ever end up in Utah, but it’s been fun seeing all the different places we’ve both been =)

    1. Hoosiers!! So fun hearing that, Amanda! I lived in Bloomington during school, then Dayton, and now we’re here in SLC :)

  5. Your shop is my favorite! You put so much effort in finding beautiful things. I love reading about the people behind the items especially those who make them by hand. Your friend Erin is truly gifted.
    I missed getting one of the brass bowls with feet but will watch my email when you get more. We are enjoying the oil bottle, candles, dog perfume, and dog scarf. I have to sit on my hands so that I don’t go crazy buying up more of the beautiful wares you have in your shop. Cannot wait till we build our home and can decorate it! You have done a fabulous job Sarah!

    1. You are the sweetest, Danna! Thank you so much. The shop has been such a happy place for me this year. Isn’t Erin amazing? I have the most fun working with other creatives. I’ll let you know when more of those come in stock… we’re having lots of issues with backorders lately. Sorry you missed it! I’m so thrilled to hear you’re enjoying all of your Tuesday Made goodies though. That makes my heart so happy. I truly appreciate you supporting our small business. That means so much to me! I’m so excited for your house and the adventure of building it. Lots of fun to come! Have the best weekend, my friend. Xo