Trend Alert : Woven & Wicker

Trend Alert : Woven & Wicker - roomfortuesday.comLet’s talk all things wicker and woven on this fine Tuesday! Shall we? I’ve loved rattan, wicker, cane webbing, grasscloth, and all the pretty woven materials for just about as long as I can remember. They add such a nice texture and warmth to any indoor or outdoor space, and these materials are truly dimensional art. I’ve noticed lots of brands and designers sharing and incorporating lots of woven furniture and decor lately, so I thought it would be fun to round up some of my personal favorites! This month’s Trend Alert post is devoted to just that… the most beautiful wicker pieces I could find. Click through to check them out and to get lots of fun design inspiration!

Trend Alert : Woven & Wicker -
source : kemble interiors for introspective magazine

This article at Introspective Magazine (the 1st Dibs publication) is such a fun read! It covers the practicality, design history, and new inspiration for materials like rattan. I loved seeing the timeless wicker and woven furniture in the early 1900s images- absolutely stunning! Definitely check that out.

Trend Alert : Woven & Wicker -
source : a glass of bovino

From lighting and furniture to small decor and accessories, I went on a major hunt for woven pieces that have a timeless or lasting, yet updated feel to them. Like my friend Alisa’s table lamp, pictured above, I found lots of modern & sculptural forms that perfectly pair with these classic materials.

Trend Alert : Woven & Wicker -
source : soane

My goal was to find 10 awesome pieces, but I ended up with 20+! There were so many beautiful options, and I discovered some great new resources as well.

Click directly on the items to be redirected to the source- or use the numbered links below the collage to shop…

01: woven wall decor // 02: scalloped lampshade // 03: rattan tray // 04: wicker pedestal urn // 05: woven nesting tables // 06: woven vase // 07: wall sconce // 08: soap dispenser // 09: scallop round ottoman // 10: wicker frames // 11: rattan round tray // 12: table lamp // 13: italian rattan sofa // 14: woven temple jar // 15: woven lounge chair // 16: square scallop ottoman // 17: oversized seagrass vase // 18: grasscloth lampshade // 19: vintage chairs // 20: room divider // 21: console table // 22: woven lamp // 23: pedestal dining table

Do you have favorites from the mix? I obviously have #9 in our formal living room (which I love), but I’m VERY into the pedestal urn (#4) and the console table (#21).

Trend Alert : Woven & Wicker -
source : soane

This entire bedroom, pictured above, has me smitten. Those woven bedside tables with the wicker lamps are so perfect in this space… not to mention- the wall color, bed canopy, art, and millwork are also perfection.

Trend Alert : Woven & Wicker -
source : soane

I’m also a fan of woven lighting… particularly lamps and sconces. Just because your home doesn’t have a coastal aesthetic, doesn’t mean you can’t integrate woven materials. I think it’s all about moderation and what you style alongside them.

Trend Alert : Woven & Wicker -
source : cutter brooks

I fully realize the image quality of the above photo is total garbage (I’m not one to share pixelated images here on the blog- it drives me crazy), but I felt like I had to share this one! Can you believe that pedestal planter? The size and scale are really cool. I feel like that would be nice in my upcoming office renovation. Hah!

Trend Alert : Woven & Wicker - roomfortuesday.comWhat are your thoughts on woven materials? Do you have a go-to material… wicker, rattan, cane, grasscloth, etc? I’m loving all of the sculptural & ruffled shapes and bases we’ve been seeing lately. While some of these pieces could be considered trendy, like the article I linked stated- woven materials feel very timeless. They always come back around or fluctuate in popularity. I think we’re nearing the peak of the popularity right now, but I know I’ll love my ottoman for years to come!

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  1. Texture, texture, texture! I was just remarking that maybe this element is missing from my home. One or two of these tactile beauties could solve that problem. I’m generally drawn to the thicker stalks of rattan and bamboo for their graphic nature. But I also love the scallops, braided trims and weave variations achieved with the thinner reeds. I will forever love your ottoman and its equally charming square version. Those waterfall tables are bonkers, and I did a double take on the price! My lounge-loving heart imagines curling up in those generous vintage chairs- sun on my face, pups at my feet. Oh lighting, a love language. The gourd shape fashioned in wicker! (Also, that entire blue bedroom situation slays. I might need to find that wall color…) The wicker shades! I adore that parasol shape with the brass detail in the Celerie Kemble room. Gah. And that epic pedestal and urn are begging for the Queen Anne’s lace from your shop! Hellooooo statement! I’m picturing it in an entry, but perhaps that’s too expected…So much to consider. You were not kidding about intriguing new sources. Who knew 1st Dibs had a publication? Good stuff, Sarah! Good stuff.🥰

    1. Yes!! I’m here for it! I’m very into the curvy, ruffled shapes. They feel like sculptural art to me, although the price reflects that. I definitely had a little sticker shock when sourcing. That pedestal planter is so incredible, but out of my budget… now I’ll never be able to get that out of my head. Here’s to hoping I can thrift one or save up. Haha! Now you’ve got me picturing the queen anne’s lace in there, and oooh that would be lovely! That blue paint color is something, isn’t it? I want to know that swatch as well. I fell down a deep deep rabbit hole of wicker, ha. Hope you’re having a good day outside! It’s really nice here today- almost 80. xo

  2. Incredible post!! I have long been attracted to the natural appeal of wicker, rattan and cane. There’s something about the form of rattan and wicker pieces that appeals to my senses-maybe it’s the color or the texture, but I love it all. Cane is perhaps my favorite of all woven textures-I can’t resist cane. For me it exudes a bit of romanticism when placed in a room, be it in styling objects, furniture…I can’t get enough. Your ottoman stole my heart long ago, but the square version is equally as lovely, and I’m with you and Peggi on the urn! What a statement piece! Other favorites from above are the woven frames and obviously the cane room divider😍, but I’m admiring the woven lampshades lately as well. I’ve long loved the Serena and Lily sconce; for me those small woven details offer a uniquely laid back feel, that creates small moments of serenity in a space. Those little touches of outdoor texture really captivate me in a way no other material has the ability to. I loved reading the article and seeing those old photographs. It’s amazing to see the longevity of its use over the decades, and it’s no wonder it continues to be a trend. I’m happy to see it all on the rise again. Such a lovely trend post for this gloomy Tuesday! Have a great day Sarah! Xo

    1. Thanks Lauren! I’m so happy you liked this one. I’m with you- I love the texture, warmth, and sculptural nature of women decor and materials. I also agree that is a romantic, feminine feel. That urn is just SO cool. I wish it was in my budget for the office. I’m going to keep my eyes peeled for one when thrifting. Like you, the woven lighting feels very timeless to me… I think because it’s in moderation, it’s functional, and you still get that texture. I’m equally as happy to see it on the rise again. Hope you have a good day! I woke up thinking today was Thursday.Lol! So that’s how it’s going over here. Ha! xo

  3. Sometimes I struggle to gravitate towards these materials, because for some reason I picked up the idea that they are for outdoor use. However, that is not true! I have trouble picturing it inside because I think of it as an outdoor material, and I have trouble using it outdoors because I live in an unpredictable 4-season climate. I love your collection of examples to help me picture it in a different way!

    1. I could totally see that, Danielle! They definitely are prevalent in outdoor living spaces. I love mixing materials that are common indoors and out. Some of the things in my home were designed to live outside, and other things outside were designed to live indoors. Sometimes the best spaces result in thinking outside the box :) I love your point! Thanks for sharing.

  4. Elizabeth says:

    I love wicker too and have for some time now! We are going to be renovating our kitchen, and I have been seriously considering using two sconces similar to the Serena and Lily ones above (but hardwired). But now that I am seeing wicker everywhere, I am growing hesitant that it will be too “trendy!” Sarah, I remember you mentioning a similar feeling in a recent post (about flooring I think). Do you have any other thoughts about selecting items that you may have loved for a long time, but then you start seeing them everywhere??

    1. I love the idea of woven lights in a kitchen! That is such a good question, Elizabeth… I think if you really love a material or design object, and it is classic (can be seen throughout history, has staying power, etc), then you should go for it. Like on the harlequin flooring… I love the look, I know it’s trendy right now, but I also know it will be around until the end of time. I feel the same about woven materials. Their popularity will ebb and flow, but it’s a classic look. I hope that helps :)

  5. Sarah! Thank you for sharing my photo 🤗 Your roundups are the best. Hope you had a good weekend!

    1. Right back at you, Alisa! Your home is so gorgeous. Hope your week is off to a good start! xox