Trend Alert : Candle Holder Wall Sconces

Trend Alert : Candle Holder Wall Sconces - roomfortuesday.comHappy Friday! I was just thinking about trends and what’s “in” right now… and somehow a year slipped by without me sharing a Trend Alert post to pause and reflect on fun things I’ve been noticing and loving. You know what I’ve been seeing a lot of lately? Candelabra wall sconces! It’s a timeless look I absolutely adore. Therefore, I’m not quite sure it can be classified as a “trend”, but it’s certainly a design element worth noting these days. I have one in my home office, but I’d love to add more to our home. These are lovely for many reasons… installation is a breeze (unlike hardwired fixtures), they still provide warmth & light (candlelight is always romantic), and they add visual interest & illumination to any vignette (just like a regular sconce). There are so many beautiful varieties- both new and vintage, so I wanted to share some of my top picks with you. Click through for my selections and for some inspiration on how to use these in your own home… 

Trend Alert : Candle Holder Wall Sconces - roomfortuesday.comWhere exactly would you install these? Pretty much anywhere! I’m partial to seeing them installed on each side of a bed, in between two windows (or tight narrow spaces), in the kitchen or dining room- or even running down the length of a hallway.

Trend Alert : Candle Holder Wall Sconces - roomfortuesday.comThese candle holder wall sconces are optimal for adding personality and a vintage appeal to any vignette. Play around with colored or unique shaped candles… some of them are made to fit sleek tapers while others are designed for sturdy pillar candles.

Trend Alert : Candle Holder Wall Sconces - roomfortuesday.comI dug up lots of beautiful options- in all styles and price points…

Click directly on the candle holders to be redirected to the source, or use the numbered links below the collage to shop- not all are clickable. 

01: mirrored lion head wall sconce // 02: rio bronze taper candleholders // 03: candleholder wall sconce // 04: iron pillar candle lantern // 05: flared sconce candleholders // 06: doria glass sconce // 07: forged bronze candle sconce // 08: wall pillar candle holders // 09: vintage brass candle sconces // 10: gold leaf candle holder // 11: quarterfold wall sconce // 12: aged brass sconce candleholder // 13: french brass candle sconce // 14: bronze metal wall sconces // 15: oval pillar candle sconce // 16: round candle wall sconce

Number three is from my Tuesday Made shop and that’s the one I currently have hanging in my office. We’ve definitely packed more up lately, as they’ve been gaining popularity. I love the simplistic shape and enjoy changing the colored tapers based on the season. I also like the look of some of the bronze options for a more industrial or minimalistic look. I’d love to hear your favorites!

design via josh young

My friend Josh perfectly styled a vintage candle sconce to the right of his bed. Something to note- these layer really nicely alongside an electric fixture, like a floor lamp or hardwired sconce. They seem to have enough contrast and are easier than pairing two traditional light fixtures. Do you like the look? I’m very into it… old meets new is always a win in my book.

Trend Alert : Candle Holder Wall Sconces - roomfortuesday.comSome of the more modern options feel very sculptural, which basically doubles as art. If you’re looking to fill negative space on a wall- give a candle holder wall sconce a try! I think you’ll be pleasantly surprised.

Trend Alert : Candle Holder Wall Sconces - roomfortuesday.comDo you have any of these installed throughout your home? Do you like the look? Have you been noticing more candle holder sconces appearing in your feed lately? I certainly have. Here’s to a lovely weekend ahead! I did want to give you a heads up… next week, Emmett & I are spending time with friends out of cell range, so I won’t be able to respond to your comments in real time as I normally would. However, I did spend a lot of time compiling & scheduling some great blog posts for next week, so please check them out and leave your thoughts or questions as you normally would. I’ll be sure to get back to you as soon as I re-enter civilization… right after our end-of-summer Lake Powell sendoff. Funny enough, after all these years living in Utah, this will be mine and Emmett’s first time exploring Powell. I’m looking forward to unplugging and will be sure to take lots of photos for an upcoming Noteworthy post. Have a great weekend!

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  1. Good morning! I noticed one of these in an image the other day and thought, “Just like Sarah’s!” I never know if it’s a frequency illusion or an actual trend. Ha. Regardless, I find the look very endearing and romantic. (I blame all of the period dramas for making walking around with a candle seem superior! Floor-sweeping nightdress optional.) While I’ll never be accused of minimalism, I do favor more modern or streamlined lighting. With that in mind, my absolute favorite sconce from your roundup is #12; I actually love the stainless steel option, too! My second spot goes to your Tuesday Made #3. I adore the tall, smooth curve of brass. The very minimal bronze iterations-#2 and #7- are giving colonial tavern chic, and I dig it. In the pillar candle category, I would choose #10 because candle plus mirror is twice as nice. I must say that most of these are SO budget-friendly and many are on sale. Bonus! I also appreciate that candles on the wall are (probably) safe from my marauding pups. Just looking at these has me *almost* pining for the dark days ahead. (I think my “hot girl summer” broke me.) Thanks for a fun roundup! Have the BEST time at the lake next week. Unplug! We’ll be here just itching to see some beautiful pics. Happy Pizza Friday, friends!!💜🍕

    1. Ha! I sometimes think that, too… am I just noticing these now, or are there actually more of them popping into my feed? Who knows! It’s fun to hear your favorites, Peggi. Thanks for sharing. We just added a couple new vintage ones to the shop yesterday (that didn’t make it into this post). I also love that these are budget friendly, easy to install, and add a lot of character. They’re a win/win… and reminiscent of those period dramas we love to binge. Ha! You have me laughing at your sweeping nightdress comment, lol! Hot girl summer was no joke this year. Oof! I still can’t believe we all ended up with faulty air conditioning- yours probably being this worst. Oof. I’m ready for fall! Have an amazing weekend. We’re excited to unplug at the lake :) xo

  2. Admittedly, I saw your LTK post on these yesterday and already saved my favorites. Good morning Sarah! We currently have two candle holder wall sconces that will be placed in our guest bath. When the idea was first presented by my mom, I had no idea what she was talking about. It had slipped my mind that I could utilize candle sconces versus the hardwired light option. I think these are a fun way to incorporate ambient lighting without the headache of calling an electrician. I am drawn to the more modern, minimalist shapes like #2 and 3. Either one of these would work seamlessly in our home. I think option #6 or 8 fit well with a transitional style while still having an old world appeal, and for us, I love the clear glass surrounding the candle; a layer of safety with little hands is never a bad thing. My absolute favorites though, are #12 and 14. The sleek curves and super modern form are striking, and the perfect amount of unexpected style. I love so many of these options for different reasons, but all the ones I’ve mentioned here would be a great fit for the style of our home. I hope you enjoy Lake Powell. I have many fond memories there, and that particular lake was a favorite for my grandparents’ annual fishing tournament. Enjoy your time off the grid, and happy pizza Friday!

    1. I love that, Lauren! Thanks for following along over there- I’ve been trying to do a better job at sharing resources on LTK and I’m actually really enjoying all that virtual shopping. I love that you already have candleholder wall sconces in your home. They’re such a timeless and easy way to add character and illuminate a vignette. We are really excited for our first ever Powell trip! I loved listening to you talk about your grandparents and their fishing tournaments there. We’re hoping to make some good memories this weekend :) Have an amazing weekend with the fam! xo

  3. Jennifer Laura says:

    I love the look, but worry about the mess- even the dripless tapers aren’t perfect. They are sooo pretty though!

    1. Surprisingly, I haven’t had any dripping yet… I’ve only burned through three candles though! Have a great weekend!

  4. Re: your trip to Lake Powell. I’m sure you are aware that Lake Powell just isn’t the same since the drought and lack of water. Please don’t judge it, and return when the water levels are up. We took our family to Lake Powell for years and have wonderful memories…I’m sure you will too!

    1. Hi Teri! Oh yes- we live in Utah, so it’s a concerning topic around here. Sadly, I don’t think the water levels will ever return to what they previously were. Like Lake Mead and the Great Salt Lake, climate change is taking a toll on Powell as well. It’s so sad, as Utah (and the west) is in desperate need of water. Our local friends have dubbed our weekend getaway the Powell farewell tour since the water levels are dropping so quickly. We are excited to get away, explore a new area, do some relaxing and boating, as well as unplug. We’re definitely looking forward to making some good memories. I love hearing that you and your family visited often and have beautiful memories to show for it :) Have a lovely weekend!