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Roundup : Neutral Area Rugs

Roundup : Neutral Area Rugs - I’ll be sharing our little living room refresh very soon- we did some furniture swapping around the house and office this month and it has me quite pleased! Two new swivel chairs and a BLUE sofa later, resulted in me hunting for an updated area rug because our formal living room was starting to look like a big blueberry there for a minute (and not in a cool kind of way). At one point we had our navy area rug, the new blue sofa, and our existing blue swivel chairs. Yikes! I’m happy to report I have found an amazing rug that I really love (and it’s holding up well to the dogs), so I figured my hours of scouring the internet were worth sharing. I saved 20 neutral rugs and considered all of them for the space. Click through to see my options and which one I eventually landed on. I’m sharing some close up shots of the living room, so I don’t give away our beautiful new furniture quite yet, but you can definitely get a good sneak peek. Neutral rugs are such an easy investment because they go with everything and can evolve with your aesthetic, as it changes over time. They’re easy to layer, are always in style, and disguise dirt and debris.  Continue Reading