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Brownie Lava Cakes

Brownie Lava Cakes - Happy Friday! It seemed fitting to end the week with a chocolate recipe, since we’re nearing Valentine’s Day on Monday. Like I said, I’ll take any excuse to eat my fair share of chocolate, drink a good glass of wine, or go to dinner at one of our favorite local restaurants. This is hopefully my last week of recovery before my doctor allows me to resume normal activities, so I figured a relaxing hour or two in the kitchen would be time well spent this week! I was feeling comfort food this week and these gooey fudge brownie lava cakes have been on my must-try list for awhile now. The texture is so good, the browned butter really adds a ton of flavor, and they’re quick & easy to whip up! I got the recipe from Food52’s Baking cookbook… which has been my favorite this winter. Click through for the perfect Valentine’s Day treat or just a delicious indulgence for the remaining winter months. Definitely pin this one for later!  Continue Reading

food & recipes

Simple Chocolate Mousse

I get it. It’s the month of resolutions and the last thing you guys want to see is a tempting recipe, but I’m here to tell you- if you try to cut simple pleasures like dessert completely from your life,…