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Succulent Arrangement DIY

Succulent Arrangement DIY - Each spring, I look forward to getting my hands dirty and planting- both indoors and out. Unfortunately, last week we received our first set of water restrictions and it’s looking like our side yard garden will be limited at best. We’re only allowed to water outside once a week for 20 minutes (for lawns, gardens, & plants), which really isn’t enough for summer vegetables here in dry, hot Utah. While I’ve accepted that my outdoor plants and landscaping isn’t going to look its best, I’ve been itching to play in the dirt as the weather has warmed and I’m starting to feel a bit better. I made a fun little succulent arrangement that can live indoors year round. These are perfect for adding life, greenery, ¬†texture to a window sill, dining table, coffee table, or console. I also love giving succulent arrangements as gifts- that seems like such a special “I made this for you!” gift. It’s one of those planters that can live both indoors and out during the spring & summer months, requires basically no effort, and very minimal water. It’s the one plant that everyone can keep alive. I know I’ve shared plenty of succulent tutorials in the past, but it has been three or four years since the last one, so I figured it was time for another reminder just how fun these little arrangements can be! Click through to see… Continue Reading