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Marble Maintenance & The Truth About Natural Stone

Marble Maintenance & The Truth About Natural Stone - I get this question ALL the time, “Why marble, when you can install a look alike product- such as quartz?” For some reason, marble and natural stone gets a bad rep and seems like a scary investment to a lot of homeowners. It etches, it stains, it can be scratched, it changes over time, and naturally patinas as it ages. All of those things sound intimidating, but they’re honestly a big part of why I personally love using natural stone throughout our home. I’ll be the first to say- it’s not for everyone, but I wanted to provide you with a helpful post to weigh the pros, cons, and make an educated decision for yourself! Click through for my thoughts on natural stone, how I live with it on a daily basis, facts (the negative AND positive), and how I care for it- including marble maintenance. I’ve also got a fun quiz at the end of the post for you to take!  Continue Reading

Why We Used Soapstone In Our Kitchen... Again -
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Why We Used Soapstone In Our Kitchen… Again

If you’ve been following along since our very first renovation, you probably know- we don’t ever do the same thing twice. In fact, I’m pretty sure we’ve never duplicated a material, a piece of furniture, etc. Therefore, it might…

Trend Alert : Waterfall Edge -
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Trend Alert : Waterfall Edge

This really isn’t a new “trend”, but it is a feature I wanted to highlight if you’re building or renovating a kitchen or bath anytime soon. If you’re remember wayyyyy back to last August, I had just finished the…

A Day In the Life Of - Coverings :

A Day In the Life Of – Coverings

The last “Day in the Life Of” post I shared was wayyyy back in February. I figured it was time for a new one and it would be fun to bring you all along on the Coverings trade show…

10 Ways to Save Money on Major Home Buys -
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10 Ways to Save Money on Major Home Buys

This post was another reader suggestion. I absolutely LOVE when you guys send over great ideas that are helpful for me to share with everyone… keep them coming, please! Renovations and home improvement can get expensive quickly. Luckily, there…