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My Dishes, Glassware, & Kitchenware (+A Printable Registry Checklist)

My Dishes, Glassware, & Kitchenware (+A Printable Registry Checklist) - Our friend who had temporarily been living with us commented on the glassware and dishes Emmett & I use on the daily. He was about to move into his first home and was excited to fill it with things that represented his style. Out with the old plastic cups from college and in with the new items you keep for a lifetime, sort of situation. It led Emmett and I to have a conversation about our “kitchen stuff”. We’ve collected a LOT over the years. We reminisced getting our dinner plates as a wedding gift, the meals we’ve shared since, and the conversations that accompany our chianti-filled wine glasses. It made me happy to think about these random dishes (of all things) that just feel like “us”, and have moved with us four times now. The homes change, but those items always stay the same. Click through for a tour and roundup of the classic dishes and glassware that fill our cabinets. Continue Reading