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Budget Friendly Laundry Room Makeover

Budget Friendly Laundry Room Makeover - roomfortuesday.comWhat started as a weekend distraction while I was trying to stay out of Emmett’s way in our One Room Challenge space (aka- the formal living room), ended up as a full-blown budget friendly laundry room makeover. This laundry room is slightly larger than the one at our previous home, and I’m very happy to have a designated space for laundry and the dogs. However, we’re hoping to relocate the laundry room someday. Eventually I’d like to add a sink, a dog bath, lots of cabinetry, and really create the laundry room of my dreams in a larger room we aren’t using. A big renovation and the relocation of laundry units is very expensive and it could be awhile before we transition this space into a mudroom and end up moving the laundry. Not knowing when we’ll be able to tackle my dream laundry room (it could be years), I wanted to make our existing space better and beautiful in the meantime… more representative of my personal aesthetic. I gave myself $300 to spend to makeover this space. Click through to see how it turned out, the before images, the budget breakdown, tips for tackling your own mini makeover, and all of the resources! Continue Reading