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My Deep Spring Clean Checklist

My Deep Spring Clean Checklist - roomfortuesday.comTis the season for spring cleaning. I absolutely LOVE that amazing feeling you get after deep cleaning your home- it’s one of the very best! Am I right? Do you guys feel amazing afterwards too? It’s like the equivalent of me finishing a half marathon or something momentous (if that were to ever happen, I can imagine that’s how I’d feel). I spent the weekend deep cleaning while Emmett was away on a work trip and man, did it feel nice. Talk about a hefty dose of cleaning therapy after the extra dusty kitchen reno. It was just what the doctor ordered. I thought I’d share my cleaning rituals with you guys, in case you’re also in the market to get your spring clean done and outta the way. Click through for my giant printable week-long spring clean checklist, that includes different tasks for every day of the week, as well as my newfound love for natural French cleaning products…  Continue Reading