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Roundup : Sphere Base Table Lamps

Roundup : Sphere Base Table Lamps - roomfortuesday.comOn Monday, I shared a snippet of our Tuesday Made office on Instagram, along with my favorite tiny kitchen lamp for easy styling (pictured above). I ended up with a LOT of messages in regards to that little lamp… many of you loved the look and were asking about different finishes, some of you were curious how the clip shade works, and a handful of people were appalled by the price (ha). It’s definitely an investment fixture, but a lamp I’ll keep forever. Anyway, today I wanted to share a giant roundup of similar lamps with a spherical base- of all different price points and styles. Ranging anywhere from $12-$500, I packed a lot of good looking table lamps into this roundup! I also bought the least expensive option in hopes of sharing an easy DIY to elevate the look, so stay tuned for that. Click through for the lamps, inspiration, and some ideas for styling…  Continue Reading