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The Most Expensive Piece of Furniture I Own

The Most Expensive Piece of Furniture I Own - roomfortuesday.comI was talking to Susan Brinson (if you’re not following House of Brinson, you should!) and we began chatting about our renovation and design philosophy. We both renovate in real time, save our money for home projects, and invest in materials, furniture, and decor that make us happy- and will hopefully withstand the test of time. We laughed at what we’re willing to pay for and what we’d rather thrift or DIY. Sometimes we save and sometimes we splurge. That’s kind of my design, decorating, and renovating mindset though… mixing high & low. One thing I love about Susan- like me, she’s comfortable talking about budgets, dollar amounts, and is always open to discussing cost with me. I feel like this industry could use more of those real conversations. Today, I thought I’d share the most expensive piece of furniture I own with you. Why not? Interested to see what it is (I’m sure you can guess)? Click through! It probably comes as no surprise as I’ve talked about this before on the blog… Continue Reading