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Why We Used Soapstone In Our Kitchen… Again

Why We Used Soapstone In Our Kitchen... Again - If you’ve been following along since our very first renovation, you probably know- we don’t ever do the same thing twice. In fact, I’m pretty sure we’ve never duplicated a material, a piece of furniture, etc. Therefore, it might have come as shock that we used soapstone for the second time in a year! That’s right… we renovated two kitchens (our previous and our current) within a one year timespan. I know, I know- we like to torture ourselves. Ha! Regardless, that’s how much we love this natural material… enough to want it as our countertop AGAIN. Click through to read why we made the decision, lots of info on the material itself, and a little followup FAQ. I’ve been getting a TON of questions in regards to our countertops, so I figured I’d answer them all in one place. Let’s get to it! Continue Reading