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Roundup : Hand Soap

Roundup : Hand Soap - Well, it’s about time I share another interesting fact about myself… I’m a hand soap fanatic. If I’m being honest, I’m actually kind of a hand soap snob (that might be putting it lightly). I’m pretty picky when it comes to liquid hand soap. Think about how many times you wash your hands each day! I’m all about the little details and if a soap looks and smells amazing, it puts a smile on my face. After Emmett called me out for the amount of hand soaps living in our linen cabinet I’ve collected, I figured maybe it was time to share a big roundup since I’m a self-proclaimed connoisseur. Ha! Click through to see which soaps (of all prices) made my list and why.  Continue Reading

Tips for Shopping Home Goods on eBay -
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Tips for Shopping Home Goods on Ebay

I haven’t chatted about eBay on the blog yet (other than linking items I find there and use), but it’s quickly becoming one of my favorite resources for home decor. I feel like it’s a little unexpected and most…

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En Suite Bathroom

Onto the third and final post from the show house spaces- the en suite bath! This bathroom was attached to the bedroom I previously posted. It was in pretty rough shape, similar to the first bathroom we renovated. Check…