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5 Classic Shower Design Plans

5 Classic Shower Design Plans - roomfortuesday.comAs most of you already know, I’ve had bathroom design on my mind lately. We’re smack dab in the middle of our basement bathroom renovation and I just wrapped up a bathroom design for Emmett’s place of employment (I’ll share their office reveal on here soon- it’s pretty cool)! Anyway, after putting together some bathroom and shower combinations for our own home, I thought it might be helpful to share them for those of you in the same boat… if you’re planning to renovate or update your bathroom in the future. I’ve put together five shower design plans that include wall tile, floor tile, and plumbing fixtures. Feel free to use them, implement them, or share your thoughts on each. The one we’re using for our basement bath is in the mix too. Hopefully these will be helpful if you’re not as confident when it comes to bathroom design or don’t feel like spending a ton of time searching for products. Maybe these readymade shower design plans will give you a good starting place, at the very least! Click through to see what I came up with… Continue Reading