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Facebook Marketplace Finds : Roanoke, VA

Facebook Marketplace Finds : Roanoke, VA - Happy Friday, friends! Today I’ve got a new Facebook Marketplace Finds post lined up for you. I had multiple requests for Virginia, so this month I searched Roanoke! As expected, there was no shortage of high-end furniture and designer items to be found on the east coast. When it comes to beautiful solid wood furniture with intricate details and top notch craftsmanship, this city proved to be a goldmine. From tables and dressers to desks and cabinets, I dug up SO many wood furniture finds. In fact, it was tricky to find one upholstered piece and a rug to toss into the mix for variety. Even if you’re not located in VA, if you see something you like- be sure to save it. This will help refine your algorithm, which will result in serving you similar items in your local area. Click through to see what I dug up on FBMP this month… Continue Reading

Happy Birthday + Free TM Totes - roomfortuesday

Happy Birthday + Free TM Totes

Happy Friday, friends! I have a little celebratory / thank you post of sorts lined up today. Somehow two years has passed since I opened the Tuesday Made shop! I’m not exactly sure why I thought launching a store…

My 2022 Prime Day Picks + A Giveaway -
gift guides & roundups

My 2022 Prime Day Picks + A Giveaway

Hi friends- I have a fun giveaway for you today! In honor of Prime Day, which began yesterday and ends today… I’m giving away one $500 Amazon gift card. Click here for details on entering. If you’ve been reading…