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How to Select Millwork Profiles + The Trim I Chose

How to Select Millwork Profiles + The Trim I Chose I get A LOT of questions about millwork and I vowed to share more about that during this home renovation. It’s easy to see why people are so interested because millwork really has the ability to transform a space in a BIG way. Rather than thinking of it as an afterthought, I always encourage people to begin the process with architecture & millwork in mind because it’s really the foundation for the room. After the positive response to my previous millwork post, I learned that this is certainly a topic of interest… making selections, specifically. I know that portion of the design process can seem overwhelming and intimidating, so I wanted to break down and share how I selected millwork for our current renovation. Click through for my tips on how to choose millwork profiles, and to see what we’ll be using throughout the majority of the house.  Continue Reading