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Shelfie : Neutral & Sophisticated -
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Shelfie : Neutral & Sophisticated

I have another new series for you… I know, two new introductions to the blog in one week- I must be insane, but I’m excited to share some fun new content! Allow me to introduce my new “Shelfie” series.…

Decorating with Matches -
interiors & styling

Decorating with Matches + A Video

If you’ve been following along for awhile now, you’ve probably caught onto one of my favorite styling tricks… decorating with matches. First of all, I’m a big fan of burning candles, so I can never have too many matches.…

interiors & styling

Amazon Finds : For Shelf Styling

It’s time for another Amazon post! The first in the series was wildly popular and I’m hoping this one leaves you with just as much inspiration. If you’re looking for accessories and decor for styling your shelves (or home…

interiors & styling

Best of Etsy : Halloween Decor

I get pretty excited about October and Halloween. It’s one of my favorite holidays because it coincides with my birthday… plus I just think it’s a fun time of year. We’re sort of knee deep in the One Room…