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Our Guest Room A Year Later + Bed 101

Our guest room was the very first space I revealed in our Utah home, wayyy back in March of 2017 (see the original reveal post here). It was a space that practically designed itself and happened fast… the kind of project I dream of. The goal was to keep it simple, super comfortable, minimal (not overly personal since it’s a guest room), and cohesive to the rest of our home. I had two existing pieces I knew belonged in the space. They made the trek across the country in the moving truck with us and I basically designed the room around them- a turkish rug and vintage tallboy dresser. Those two items are still my favorites and will always have a home in the guest room, but after renovating our kitchen– I knew the room needed an update… especially in regards to bedding. The dogs took refuge in the guest room while the main part of our home was under construction- basically ruining our previous bedding. I’ve said it once and I’ll say it again- it’s AMAZING what swapping textiles can do for a space. I traded the bedding, made a few tweaks, and this space is once again functional and ready for house guests who will be arriving in a few short weeks. Click through to see how it has changed and read my tips for creating luxury, layered bedding with Annie SelkeContinue Reading