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Wood Cutting & Serving Boards for the Season Ahead

Wood Cutting & Serving Boards for the Season Ahead - roomfortuesday.comI was chatting with Laurie Anne a couple weeks ago about the art of adding warmth to a space. We were talking about her newly renovated kitchen. Kitchens can look notoriously cold simply because of the materials they contain- stone countertops, tile, lots of sharp edges and ninety degree corners. Luckily, styling and selecting strategic accessories goes a long way in adding plenty of softness and warmth to a kitchen. If you’re craving that layered, cozy, and inviting look for the cooler months ahead, grab some wood cutting or serving boards. They’re also my first step in adding warmth to a kitchen. They’re also timely for the season of gathering and hosting ahead! Click through for a quick post containing a roundup of 20 or so of my favorites… they’re classic, have unique shapes, and will most definitely make your kitchen feel more curated & inviting. I’m also including some quick styling tips for you…  Continue Reading