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Holiday Vacation and R&R

Holiday Vacation and R&R - As we head into the holiday week, I wanted to let you all know- I’ll be taking off from blog posts December 25th-29th. This year I took zero days off from the blog (yikes, no wonder I’m tired!), so I’m excited to take a much-needed break to refuel, relax, and enjoy time with holiday house guests who will be visiting through the new year. In this weird design blog industry, burnout comes easily and I’m going to try to make it more of a priority to practice self-care, time off, and balance in the coming year…. something I failed miserably at this year. Hah! Anyway- thank you for sticking around, allowing me to take a holiday break, and still showing up to read once I’m back! I appreciate you guys. Here’s to kicking things off right and enjoying Christmas this week! Click through to see what’s on my R&R agenda (plus a couple projects we plan to tackle, because you all know I’m not good at sitting idle for too long)Continue Reading