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Our Water Filtration System

Our Water Filtration System - Let’s talk water and RO systems! Last fall, we installed a water filtration system (reverse osmosis… aka- RO). I wasn’t sure if it was worthy of a blog post, but many of you expressed interest in learning more about it. Others have messaged requesting specific information in regards to the exact model we landed on, so I figured a blog post may be worth it after all. In today’s blog post, I’m sharing details on our everyday water system. We previously used a freestanding system with refillable jugs & bottles, but as we’re now focused on renovating our main floor & dining space this year- it was becoming quite an eye sore in the design plan. It also was a hassle to swap the heavy water jugs each week. Emmett & I are both really pleased with our current reverse osmosis tap, which is the water we’re solely drinking these days. Click through for all the details and to read more about our experience…  Continue Reading