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DIY Heated Floor Tile -
diy projects

DIY Heated Floor Tile

Guess what?! The basement bathroom is really taking shape and the heated floor tile is finished (one family member is already a fan… ahem, Cash)! We just wrapped up grouting yesterday and it looks amazing. I’m very happy with…

One Last Kitchen Update -
interiors & styling

One Last Kitchen Update

Here is one last kitchen update before the big reveal! Our kitchen is currently covered in sawdust, dirty fingerprints, and tools, but to me- it’s a glorious sight. This is the part of the process where I start to…

Kitchen Demo + A New Handy Tool -
diy projects

Kitchen Demo + A New Handy Tool

Last week I announced the next BIG project we’re tackling and everyone was really excited to hear it’s the kitchen. I’m right there with you!! We didn’t waste any time and got started on demo right away. Things are…

Guest Bathroom Renovation Recap -
interiors & styling

Guest Bathroom Renovation Recap

As promised, with each room Emmett and I renovate, we kick things off via video and wrap them up in the same way. Click through to watch our guest bathroom renovation recap… where we share our final thoughts, challenges…