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How to Choose Appliances That Fit Your Budget

How to Choose Appliances to Fit Your Budget - One of the most difficult decisions when designing a kitchen is appliance selection. There are tons of options, so many reputable brands to choose from, and a multitude of functions to consider. I figured I’d share some insight on how to choose appliances that fit your budget, because that’s always my starting point… the budget. After narrowing options by price, I look at the aesthetic, efficiency, and function. Click through for my tips and to see which appliances we’ll be using in our current kitchen reno! There is a LOT of good information packed into this post- hopefully it’s helpful for those of you planning to upgrade your appliances or renovate your kitchen in the future. I also hit on which appliance “trends” are here to stay and which ones you should avoid!

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Buying a New Kitchen Range

Is it just me or does homeownership always turn into buying things you don’t really want to buy instead of buying things you do want to buy? Not to mention – the timing is always perfect. A few weeks…