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Upgrading Our Mattress

Upgrading Our Mattress - roomfortuesday.comThis post has been a long time coming. Emmett and I bought our first “nice” mattress 8 years ago when we got married. It felt like the adult thing to do after moving into our first house. We thought about the amount of time we spend sleeping and decided to splurge on one that would last us years to come. Here we are years later, my back has been hurting, my sleeping hasn’t been great, and the last time people came over to visit, a friend walked into our master bedroom and said, “Oh wow- I can see your body indentations on the bed, it looks… comfortable?” Haha!! You really can’t offend me, but that’s when I realized it was time for a new mattress. Click through to read about the one we landed on from QVC…  Continue Reading