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What It’s Like To Work With An Interior Designer

What It's Like To Work With An Interior Designer - I received an interesting question from a reader a couple weeks ago and thought it would make a fun blog post, “What is it actually like to work with or hire an interior designer?” I haven’t taken on client projects for a few years now and it has been even longer since I’ve worked for an actual design firm, but I wanted to share what the process is typically like, why it’s beneficial to hire a designer for certain projects, and shed some light on how projects unfold when working with a professional. Click through to read about what it’s like to work with an interior designer… if you’ve ever been curious, this post is for you! I think you might be surprised to learn how much interior designers manage during a client project.  Continue Reading

Guest Bedroom Design Plan -
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Guest Bedroom Design Plan

Hi all! I hope you had great weekend. This was the project I discussed in my Noteworthy post last Friday, so I figured it would be fun to elaborate and share my plan for our guest bedroom. We actually…

Kitchen Reno – Progress Update #3 -
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Kitchen Reno – Progress Update #3

The kitchen reno has been moving slowly lately. After our holiday guests left, we had to wait on our permits to get approved. Emmett was pretty much stuck and waiting around until the city gave us the go-ahead. Despite the waiting, things have changed…

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Designing Our Custom Fireplace

I thought the fireplace deserved it’s own post, aside from the living room reveal. There was SO much that went into designing and building it, and I didn’t want to leave out any details. Click through for a look…