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Our Favorite Soft Pretzels (3 Ways)

Our Favorite Soft Pretzels (3 Ways) - You know what I’ve been missing this year? Well, LOTS of things (like the rest of the world), but lately- fun date nights and the food that accompanied it. This is my favorite time of year to go catch a movie, cheer on our basketball team from the stands, and visit fall markets (October was just not the same without Oktoberfest). I haven’t had movie popcorn in over a year… that’s kind of insane. Anyone else?! Emmett & I were talking about “event food” that we miss and soft pretzels came up. I decided to take matters into my own hands and put together some pretzel combinations for us, here at home. When living in Ohio, we actually took a culinary class on beer & pretzel pairing. We learned how to make lots of different pretzels (from savory to sweet), and we sampled a lot of beer and cocktails that paired nicely with them. It has been years since our pretzel making days, but I’m happy I resurrected our recipes! Click through for three of our favorite soft pretzel flavor combinations…  Continue Reading