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Jacqueline's Farewell & My Top 10 Favorite Posts -
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Jacqueline’s Powder Room Reveal

Hey guys! It’s Jacqueline, checking in to give you a long overdue look at our completed powder room. We have been about 90% done with this room since November and have been dragging our feet to finish it ever…

Roundup : Waste Baskets -
interiors & styling

Roundup : Waste Baskets

I’ve had an odd design topic on my mind for the past week… really, ever since moving into our new home. I’ve never had to think about more than one bathroom, and we already have two separate sets of…

powder room wallpaper
interiors & styling

Roundup : Organic & Floral Wallpaper

Hi guys! Jacqueline here! If you follow along on Instagram stories you may have seen the very early stages of our powder room renovation. Unfortunately, between one of us working long hours and working around a baby’s sleep schedule,…


Artist Spotlight: 01

If you’ve read the About section, you already know my favorite design element in a room is artwork. Aside from vintage finds, I am completely captivated by art and love finding original pieces created by talented people. We’re starting a new series…