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Translating Pinterest In Real Life

Translating Pinterest In Real Life - As a visual person and design lover, Pinterest has always been one of my favorite social media outlets to explore, compile, and share images. I have a type-A personality and like to be very organized, so compiling ideas and imagery into specific boards is something I really enjoy doing. It feels much more organized than my other social platforms. I use boards to document my personal journey in design, like: things I shared on the blog, resources for things found throughout my home, renovation specific boards (before images, resources, DIY projects, progress, the reveal, etc), and I even have a board filled with the images I share on Instagram. Aside from my Room for Tuesday boards, like everyone else (if it wasn’t already obvious in my “10 Pins” series)– I love compiling design inspiration and using Pinterest as a tool. It has turned into such a fun, creative space for me, but I often hear people say Pinterest, in general, feels overwhelming. It’s pretty easy to get sucked in and feel like you’ve gathered allll the inspiration, but then feel overwhelmed when it’s time to apply different ideas to your home. As a designer, I thought I could help you translate Pinterest into real life, and decipher why it’s so important to be intentional about WHAT you gather and more importantly, WHY. Click through for some tips on making the most of Pinterest and ways to apply your saved inspiration to your own home.  Continue Reading