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10 Tips for Shooting Professional Interior Photos

10 Tips for Shooting Professional Interior Photos - Hello friends! Happy Wednesday. You guys asked for more tutorials, home projects, and activities or educational posts to help fill lots of hours spent sequestered at home. I already had this particular post on the calendar this week and felt it was still very fitting. This is the perfect time to grab your camera and practice your photography skills! Over the years, my camera, shooting, and editing skillset has vastly improved and continues to improve the more time I spend behind the lens. Perfecting your craft takes time and it’s no different with photography. Lots of people are surprised to learn that I shoot all of my own photos found here on the blog. Lots of home and interior bloggers hire their photography out, but I’ve always really liked shooting my own imagery. Therefore, I kept at it, kept practicing, and remain open to learning and improving. I wanted to share my 10 best tips for shooting professional looking interior photos in today’s post. Click through to see how I use my camera to capture quality images of my house.  Continue Reading

How I Edit Interior Photos in Photoshop -
diy projects

How I Edit Interior Photos in Photoshop

I hope you all had a wonderful, long holiday weekend! After my moodboard post proved to be popular, lots of you requested a quick tutorial to see how I edit interior photos. I know plenty of designers and bloggers…


A Peek Into My Camera Bag

I get a handful of emails about my camera equipment, lenses and how to achieve a certain style image. I thought it might be beneficial for you creative folks, to take a peek into my camera bag? I’ve been shooting with…



It’s been a really busy week, but I wanted to take a little time for myself to recharge and share  what sparked my interest on the web this week… it may or may not be noteworthy, but the title…


Artist Spotlight: 02

I’ve always been enamored with floral artwork in general, but sometimes it seems the same sort of content is repeated and often seems expected. Our next featured artist, photographer Ashley Woodson Bailey, produces stunning photographs that are anything but ordinary. Ashley’s images have a dark and…