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Design Discussion : Wool Rugs in the Bathroom

Design Discussion : Wool Rugs in the Bathroom - Well, I owe you guys a little update today. I thought I would have the powder bath reveal for you this morning and as it goes, I am FOUR sticky tiles short of finishing the project. Four!! Ugh. According to Amazon, they’ll be here this coming weekend, then I can finally finish up, and share it with you early next week (Monday, if all goes as planned… fingers crossed). I’m sorry, friends! I didn’t mean to get you excited for the big reveal today, only to run out of material. Ha! I hate when that happens. Next time I’ll just surprise you. I’m hoping this Design Discussion post is a worthy replacement though, as this topic comes up ALL the time… rugs in a bathroom. Are we for it? Are we against it? I think you guys can guess which way I lean, but I receive lots of messages asking WHY IN THE WORLD would I install a wool rug in a wet bathroom. Click through to find out, read all about my personal opinion, and cast your own vote. Let’s chat rugs in the bathroom (or high moisture areas)! Continue Reading

Favorite Paint Colors (As Seen in My Home) -
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Amazon Finds : Area Rugs

I consider myself to be a bit of an area rug¬†connoisseur. As much as I love finding beautiful vintage rugs, I also appreciate modern rugs- hand knotted, hand loomed, and new rugs. You don’t have to worry where they…

Best of Etsy : Vintage Rugs -
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Best of Etsy : Vintage Rugs

Because I get so many questions about my vintage rugs, I figured it was about time to share another roundup. These always go really FAST, so if there is one you’re eyeing… jump on it! There are a bunch…

Why You Shouldn't Skip The Rug Pad -
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Why You Shouldn’t Skip The Rug Pad

You guys know I’m a big fan of hardwood floors and rugs (specifically vintage rugs). The two go hand-in-hand, and I’m here to preach the benefits of using a rug pad in today’s post, because believe it or not-…