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Family & Pet Friendly Sofas

Family & Pet Friendly Sofas - I’ve received this post request multiple times and thought it was finally time to roundup some great family & pet-friendly sofas! We’ve been talking a lot about upholstered furniture lately, so it felt fitting. I also wanted to chat about what exactly is considered “pet friendly”, and things to look for when choosing upholstered furniture that is capable of withstanding kids, pets, or even accident prone adults. Click through for a few good sofa roundups (of all colors and styles), to see some pretty cute dogs sitting on sofas, and of course to talk furniture selection & durability with me. I hope it’s helpful!

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Formal Living Room Updates -
interiors & styling

Formal Living Room Updates

We’ve officially lived with our “finished” or renovated formal living room for over a year now. I really wouldn’t change anything, which says a lot because that space sees a ton of use! I feel like our house has…