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Favorite Paint Swatches From the SW Designer Deck

Favorite Paint Swatches From the SW Designer Deck - A few months ago, Sherwin-Williams launched a new paint collection called the Emerald Designer Edition. I just received my fan deck in the mail before leaving for vacation and wanted to share my favorite swatches from their newest paint line. FYI- this post is not sponsored… I just thought it would be helpful because I’m constantly asked about paint color recommendations! If you’re wondering how this new collection differs from their previous swatches… personally, I think the colors look a bit more desaturated (in a good way). The overall collection feels sophisticated and pared down, in regards to color and the amount of swatches. It’s a small collection that feels approachable and I feel like they definitely mixed these colors with designers in mind. If you’re on the hunt for some fresh paint colors, click through for my favorites from the deck! Continue Reading